Project Description


This project consisted of the exterior restoration of the Church’s masonry and dome roof structure.  The entire structure’s exterior masonry was cleaned and the mortar joints were repaired/re-pointed, under the owner’s commitment to the church’s historical preservation.  The dome, which is constructed of terra cotta, structural steel, and sheet-metal was completely refurbished.  Very large stained glass windows were removed and shipped offsite for dismantling and re-glazing.  Repairs to the structural steel and some interior partitions were also performed, as well as new doors, painting, and repairs to the existing concrete walks and stairs.  Access to the entire exterior of the structure was key to the completion of this project.  A variety of scaffolding types were utilized to give workers complete access to the entire exterior of the church and dome.


Client: First Presbyterian Church

Project Date: 2009

Services Used:

  • Historical Restoration
  • Renovation
  • Structural Steel
  • Masonry
  • Concrete