John has over 30 years in the building industry. He has as much knowledge and experience in building and design as anyone in the construction industry. It is through his dedicated and honest work ethic, that he has built this company into one of the top contracting firms in West Virginia. John has reinforced his education in engineering and years of building experience with some of the most competent people in construction.

He has built relationships with many business owners, corporations, and government officials that have given him the reputation of being the only contractor to contact when one needs any type of demolition or building services. John shows the greatest of care and consideration for all of this clients’ needs and expectations. His clients know that whatever the situation is, or if any emergency arises, they can depend on John Wiseman and his company to take care of their needs in the most cost effective way while making sure that each and every project is completed with the utmost quality in the least amount of time period possible.



Andy has taken on a vital role in the development and future of Wiseman Construction. Besides growing up in the industry, he has over 18 years of experience in the building and estimating phases of construction. Andy has an educational background in Civil Engineering Technologies from Fairmont State University. He also has experience in the field as a Union Carpenter while completing the Union Carpenters’ Apprenticeship Program.

Over the years, he has learned from his father, how to deal with the many dilemmas and aspects of construction; from the ground-breaking to final completion. Andy has taken great roles in leadership to enable him to coordinate multiple million dollar projects running concurrently. He also shows great care for our clients, while keeping in mind the needs and concerns of the owners. As with all of Wiseman’s employees, Andy always takes into sincere consideration the opinions and ideas of all those involved in the project.



J.C. joined the Wiseman team in April of 2009. He received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geology from West Virginia University; and has a background in geotechnical engineering and environmental remediation construction. J.C. maintains direct contact with jobsite supervisors, architects/engineers, subcontractors, and material suppliers to ensure that projects are being completed efficiently.

Prior to joining Wiseman Construction, J.C. was a construction and safety consultant for the E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Corporate Remediation Group. While with DuPont, he served as an onsite construction manager and safety officer on large-scale remediation construction projects throughout America. J.C. has also completed numerous OSHA, RCRA, & DuPont safety training programs.



Nikki began her career with Wiseman Construction in 1997. Nikki also grew up in the construction industry being the daughter of the company’s founder and president, John Wiseman.

She achieved a Business Management Degree from Marshall University in 1996, when she became a store manager for the Kroger Company before realizing she was best suited for helping her family maintain their thriving corporation and continue its growth. Nikki’s duties include managing office personnel and the accounting department.